What is Import Export Business

Interested in the Import Export business and you don’t know exactly what it is or how to start? Then this guide is created for you In this guide, you will learn exactly what the import export business is all about and how to get started. If you are interested in learning more, you can check out our export business training academy. Okay. Let’s dive in […]
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Import Export Business Resources

Last Update: May 25,2017   Hello and welcome to our kick ass import export business resources. At 3timpex, we spend our time helping people understand how the import-export business works. While there are tons of information available, sometimes it is difficult to shift through them all. That is what, we have tried to do with this excellent guide. We shift through all the information available […]
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What is Textile Export Business

Thinking of starting an export business and not sure where to start? There are lots of import-export business ideas but if you are considering going into the textile export business, then you are in the right place. In this guide, we will look at what is a textile export business and most especially how to start one. Ready to dive in? Let’s begin!   What […]
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How to Write An Export Business Plan

Do you want to start an export-import business but don’t know where to start?   Then welcome to our export-import business tutorial 101. The export business tutorial 101 is a series of short export business nugget where you get expert tips and advice on how to actually start and grow your export business.   If you rather prefer an hands on workshop, then I suggest […]
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List of 100+ Export Items In Nigeria

Do you know that the export business is worth over $102,878,499,707 and that is just the statistics for 2014 alone contributing over 10.66% of the total GDP of Nigeria? If you are interested in some more export statistics you can check out these interesting facts here. Now that we know how much export can contribute and how lucrative it is if you are interested in […]
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How to Start Cocoa Export Business in Nigeria

Looking for an export business idea?   There are over 100 agricultural items you can export from Nigeria but if you are looking for an industry where the network of the business is over $900m and 309th most traded product in the world, then let me introduce you to cocoa export business in Nigeria   Cocoa bean export in Nigeria is one of the most […]
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How to Start Export Business in Nigeria- The Complete Guide to Starting and Making Profit from Export Bussiness in Nigeria

Do you want to know how to start an export business in Nigeria? Do you want to get involved in an industry that contributes than 23% to the country’s GDP according to this Nigeria export statistics? Then the export industry is for you! But wait. The business discourse in recent time has been tilted towards entrepreneurship especially export business company in Nigeria. People are being encouraged […]
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Export Market Entry Information

GENERAL INFORMATION and PROGRAMS for Imports and Exports (trade):  Public (government) and private resources for export and general trade assistance: (most are general in nature and should be able to meet your needs, some programs are aimed at manufactured goods firms, but programs also exist specifically for service providers). Are You Ready to Go International?  “Are You Ready?” Web Cast {Select the Are you ready web […]
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