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3T Impex Consulting is a globally recognized international trade consulting firm of African origin. We are the foremost International trade training and consulting company in Nigeria.
As a trade consulting firm, we are suitably positioned (with practical trade brokerage experience, trade finance expertise and relevant trade certifications) to help importers, exporters and foreign banks to secure markets in Nigeria (and West Africa). We are the company to talk to when a foreign company is seeking for export markets, trading partners and corresponding banks in Nigeria and West Africa. We are also the only qualified firm (both in experience and qualifications) to talk to when exporters in Nigeria are seeking to solve the problem of purchasers, products and paperwork in export business.
As a training firm, our Trade Academy is manned by a faculty that has a team of seven trade finance experts with local and International exposures in various areas of international trade with aggregate experience of about 50years.

Our Group of Services

Trade Education


These include our various training programmes for importers, exporters, bankers, clearing & forwarding agents and  trade professionals in various aspect of international trade (trade rules and articles, finance, logistics, regulations, documentation, pricing, marketing etc) depending on their needs. These services are rendered to our clients through our subsidiary called 3T Impex Trade Academy. Under this arm of a the business, we have also develop various training materials in Mobile Apps, Books, CDs and DVDs to enable our clients educate themselves on the go.

Trade Execution


Through this arm of the business, we partially execute import and export projects with our clients. These services are rendered to our clients through our subsidiary called 3T Impex Trading and Logistics Services Limited and the services include Export Mentoring Programme and Import Mentoring Programme.

Trade Enhancement


This aspect of our business is designed to assist new entrants in the international trade business with various support services needed to make them successful. For exporters and banks in the local market in Nigeria these include Export Trade Information Services (covering products, purchaser, pricing, payment and paperwork) Export Advisory Service respectively.

Our Trade Enhancement Services for foreign firms (Banks, Importers & Exporters) looking for partners and market in Nigeria (and West Africa) include: Bank Advisor on Trade, Due Diligence Service, Market Intelligence Service, Trade Finance Advisory, Trade Brokerage & Linkage, Trade Finance Monitoring and Trade Documentation Advisory

Here are our

Eight Training Programmes Approved By

Mastering Demand Guarantee
Mastering Standby Letter of Credit
Intensive Training in Letter of Credit
The Four Pillars of Effective Trade Financing
A Comprehensive Overview of 7 Trade Rules & Articles
Operational Dynamics and Challenges of Guarantees
Becoming an indispensable Trade Specialist
Mastering Export Financing

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Executive Diploma in Export Business Management
Executive Diploma in Export Trade Finance
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