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Even though a business might have a product that is ready for export, or the business might have exported before either directly or indirectly through another organisation, such a business will often need the services of a consultant to help with advisory services that covers different areas of the business which include products, pricing, paperwork, payment and purchasers. This is needed to help the business to reduce delays in production and shipment, discrepancies in documentations, demurrage and detention fees and defectiveness in the goods.

All these help the business to improve its efficiency and effectiveness in the way the export business is to be managed. This will consequently prevent the company from dropping out of the business. A business that already have an experience in exportation either by virtue of directly exporting, indirect exportation, training in export business or having a product ready for export and in need of the help of a consultant to assist in one area or the other is a candidate for the Export Coaching Programme.

The 3T Impex Export Coaching Programme (also known as export business support service) is designed for companies that are not entirely new to the export business either because they already have products that are exported indirectly or because, they have exported commodities before and now wants to export another time of product. It is also designed for companies that are already into export business but need an advisory service of a consultant to solve a problem they are currently facing in one area or the other in their export business operation.

This export coaching programme covers eight different services across the export value chain which includes export products, export market, export pricing, export logistics, export contract, export paperwork, export payment and export finance.


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