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Effective Export Finance Monitoring System

Our research from discussions with bankers across the banking industry have shown that more than 80% of trade finance transactions (particularly export trade finance) that go bad have been largely due to inability to put in place an effective export finance monitoring system by the banks that financed such transactions.

The lack of an effective export finance monitoring system in a financial institution that fund international trade transaction means that, one of the 4 pillars in import-export trade financing is missing in such a bank’s trade financing system. This missing pillar is called the trade information flow, and this is the backbone of trade finance monitoring.

This consulting service therefore involves helping the banks to design, develop and deploy an effective export finance monitoring system. This will help the bank to be able to effectively and efficiently monitor all its export finance transaction in other to prevent the incidence of NPL and bad debt before they occur.

This project is designed in such away that the monitoring system is customized for the bank based on the fundamental principle of monitoring export trade finance facility. This monitoring process ensures that a business that have met the criteria for lending and to whom the bank has also disbursed the funds would not be able to either implement any fraudulent intent or cause the bank to incur bad debt due to either negligence in the export business processes or incompetence among the personnel managing the export business.


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