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Deployment of Export Business Support Service

Most banks only have one value proposition to exporters and that is financing their export businesses. Unfortunately, research has shown that exporters (particularly the intending and growing exporters) are not only interested in financing, but they also want export business support services inform of advisory that give them information about how to overcome the challenges that they are facing in their export business.

This consulting service therefore involves the development and deployment of systems and structure to enable the bank render different support services to its intending and growing export customers. These have been described as emerging export business support services. These services cut across different aspects of the export business operation and supply chain. It is also very important to state that, these emerging export business support services are tools that can be used as products enablers. This is because, it gives any bank that that renders the services to their customer, a sustainable competitive advantage over their competition.

These export business support services can therefore be used as a unique selling points that makes your bank to be preferred to other banks. This consulting service will also involve a capacity building programme to equip the staff of the export desk and other relevant units with the skills and competence that are required to deploy these services across the bank’s network of branches.


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