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Mastering Your Market Under AfCFTA — Djibouti

Djibouti is a sub-Saharan East African country with a combined land area of about 23,200km2 (Wikipedia). It is located in the East African region, bothering countries like Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Yemen, Gulf of Aden and the red sea with its capital in Djibouti city. It is not a land-locked country, it is blessed with a coastline of about 314km2 that houses one liner ports and a terminal port. About 80% of Djibouti’s annual port traffic is tied to Ethiopia, Djibouti can benefit from its neighbour’s con-tinued economic recovery, but the downside is that Dji-bouti will also remain vulnerable to possible disruptions due to political instability in the Tigray region (Coface).
Main agricultural products include Fruits, Vegetables, sheep, goat camels and animal hides. In Djibouti, Industry accounts for a fifth of the Djibouti gross domes-tic product as agriculture plays a much lesser impact on the economy. The tertiary activity contributes to more than 80% of Djibouti’s wealth (world bank).

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