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Mastering Your Market Under AfCFTA – Egypt


Egypt is a North African country with a land area of 1,002,450 km2 and a coastline of 515km. The country is separated from its neighbors by either ocean or a sparsely populated desert. The culture-rich country of Egypt is bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea, and to the east by the Red Sea. Egypt is separated from Libya and North Africa by the western desert, from Palestine and Israel by the desert of the Sinai Peninsula, and from the centers of population in Sudan by desert except along the narrow Nile River. he sales of petroleum oils and bitumen (18.26%), Gold (9.8%), Fertilizers & chemicals (3.5%) Citrus fruits (2.82%)Insulated wires (2.32%), monitors & projectors (1.81%) and Iron (1.04%) accounts for about 40% of its export revenues (OEC2020). Egypt belongs to the Arab League of Nations and is also part of other organizations such as the African Union, IMF, and UN.

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