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A-Z of Export Business Financing

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A-Z of Export Business Financing is a systematically simplified manual for bankers, exporters and investors in export business. This book is written in a manner that each chapter represents the 26 alphabets in English language.

A — represents application for export business financing. It talks about what is expected for an exporter that wants to apply for export financing.

B — talks about the bill for collection relationship avalization and forfeiting as a means of securing payment and means of banks financing a transaction.

C — looks into the role of character and capacity of the buyer.

D — emphasizes why document is key as source credibility for financing export transactions.

E — explains how equity contribution shows commitment of an exporter.

F — explains factoring and invoicing as a type of post-export financing.

G — talks about demand guarantee and security.

H — explains how history is key for competence.

I — explains INCOTERMS and how it affects project cost.

J — explains jurisdictions that affect payment.

K — emphasizes knowing your customer.

L — talks about letter of credit as a payment method in export financing.

M — explains payment risk in export business financing.

N — talks about new export projects and how to finance a new exporter’s project.

O — represents an overseas partner and how they help is protecting payment expected.

P — explains purchase order and its roles in export business financing.

Q — looks into quality control and how its role in ensuring payment is made in export business financing.

R — talks about return on investment.

S — represent standby letter of credit as a payment instrument in export financing.

T — represent the type of export financing.

U — understanding the cost element in export pricing.

V — represent variants of payment.

W — is warehouse financing, using the goods as collaterals.

X — Xray of transaction timeline.

Y — Yardstick for export readiness.

Z — Zero aim of export business fraud.

These are principles that should guide an exporter, financier or investor of an export business transaction to have an effective, efficient and risk free export business financing.

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