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Import Business Made Easy

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Import Business Made Easy is an important manual that answer 25 critical questions in import trade transaction in Nigeria. The book answers 25 cogent questions everyone going into import need to answer in the Nigeria economy. The chapters are questions and answers. The chapters are; What is importation? What are the benefits of importation? Who are the stakeholders in the business environment? What are the roles of some of the stakeholders in import? What do I need to know about SONCAP before importing into Nigeria? What are the critical items in the sale contract? How do I source for credible suppliers abroad? What are the steps involved in a typical importation in Nigeria? How do I get registered on the Nigerian trade portal? What are the pre-import documentations in Nigeria? How do I fill the e-form on the trade portal? What is the post-import documentation in Nigeria? What are the processes in clearing imported good through customs in Nigeria? What is the essence of the Pre-arrival Assessment Report (PAAR)? What are the payment methods available in international trade in Nigeria? What do I need to know in the Letter of Credit? What will bank consider before financing a transaction in Nigeria? What are the likely risks of import trade and how do I mitigate them. How do I mitigate the foreign exchange risk in import transaction? How do I know where my cost and risk start in an import transaction? How do I know the item prohibited for import in Nigeria? What are the harmonized systems of code in Nigeria? How do I reduce the losses incurred via demurrage charge to zero. All these are important questions that anyone going into import trade needs to answer.

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