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Built to Go Global

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Built to Go Global is scientifically proven, tested and trusted template for building a successful and sustainable export business. This book was written as a response to the challenges of businesses from around the world that desire to go global, but are unable to realize their dream because of difficulty caused by barriers in internationalization. Having been in this sector for almost 2 decades, and seeing business come in and unable to continue business, because they were not ready. I took up a PhD research at LIGS University and was able to identify through the research 15 criteria for export readiness. This book contains the expanded version of the research work in the 15 criteria of export business readiness. The initial chapter talks about the preamble where the profits of going global, which were discussed. Chapter 2 looks at the pointers for lack of readiness – different signs and symptoms that are seen in a business that is not ready to go global. Chapter 3 is on the preview of the readiness factors. They are classified into 4 categories from Chapter 4 to Chapter 10. These categories are; the readiness of the promoter, the readiness of the product, the readiness of the pricing, the predisposition of the staff that want to go into the export market and the purpose of the business.

The book also talks about the capacity of the company which are payment, production, proficiency, promotion and positioning. Chapter 9 talks about promotion in the export market while chapter 10 talks about the skills required managing and exporting business. Chapter 11 talks about the production capacity of the business for the export market. Chapter 12 looks at the payment aspect which include, raising funds to pay the local supplier and being able to secure payment from abroad. Chapter 13 talks about positioning of the business. Also, the book looks at the destination market which involves people(consumers), paperwork and potentials. Chapter 15 talks about the paperwork. Understanding the regulatory requirement for the goods to be shipped into the export market. Chapter 16 talks about the potential available for sales in the export market.  Purchaser has to do with the distributors, wholesalers in the export market. Chapter 18, talks about partners, this looks at whether the exporter has partners in the export market. Chapter 19 has at the conclusion and the categories of people for the export market.

The book has a case study included and a checklist which will help each reader assess their readiness for the export market and also the cure for lack of readiness.

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